About Us

About The Owner And This Website !

BoredBro.com is owned and run by a gamer named Chris. Chris has been playing games since he was 3 years old. Video games brought  fun and happiness to his daily life. He loved violent shooting video games the most (Yes, his parents let him play those types of games, lol). They made him happy. He also loved Mario, Sonic, racing, fighting and super hero games. Chris is now older, so he wants to bring all of his favorite online games to you on this website. He decided to create BoredBro.com. A website for bored bros, boys, dudes, bras, homies, brothas and whomever else is male. Sorry girls this games website is for the boys. However girls, if you like some of the games on this website you are welcomed to stay and play them.  He hopes you enjoy playing these free online Flash/Unity 3D/Shockwave games on your PC or Mac. If you go to this website on mobile phone or tablets you can play mobile online HTML5 games. So Desktop or mobile no one is missing out on games.

All he ask's is if you like this website.Please tell your friends about it. Only you and your friends can keep this website alive and updated. Thank You