Games Not Loading?

Hello, This is the help page if you have a problem loading online games on

1. It is recomended that you use Chrome or Firefox web browsers when playing games on These two browsers perform great on our website. Chrome works the best out of the two. CHrome however no longer suports play for UNity3D games so be sure to use Firefox if you want to play UNity3D games.

2. The Majority of online games on this website are Flash Games. However, there is a good number of Unity 3D and Shockwave games, that require different web players. Make sure you have all web players installed for your web browser you are using. Make sure they are up to date with newest versions. (See Below, For Download Links To ALL Webplayers You Will Need).

DOWNLOAD - Adobe Flash Player (For Flash Games)

DOWNLOAD - Unity 3D Web Player (For Unity 3D Games) NOTE: Unity3D Web Player no longer works for Google Chrome browsers. PLease use Firefox or IE (Internet Exployer) to play Unity3D games.

DOWNLOAD - Adobe Shockwave Player (For Shockwave Games)

After you install these programs, usually games will load.

3. Make sure your internet connection is working properly. Some games are large in file size and take a bit a time to load. If you are on a slower internet connection they will take some time to load also.

Hopefully this helps your game loading issues on If you have additional problems or want to report a game that just wont load at all please Contact Us - Here .